One Step Application, Acceptance, and Enrollment Process

We make enrolling in college as easy as giving us money.
(That actually sounds better in Latin.)

$99 - Full Year Tuition (for entire family - including pets)

Become a Fort Hunt University Founding Member

100% of Founding Member Tuition goes to

pay for something that I really, really want

There are literally plural benefits to enrolling in Fort Hunt University and the list of benefits is growing every day.
Additional Stuff you might get:
  • Free courses
  • choice of a hat, lapel pin, or FHU magnet
  • ability to manage transcripts of badges and courses
  • Free participation in IM Sports (Softball, Football, Rock Paper Scissors)
You also get access to O'Leary Academy classes (as they drip out of my full noggin) including - Memory Master, Young Programmers, and Master Student Club.

And as I end up doing more stuff, you'll get first shot at that too!!!

But really this is about becoming a Neil Armstrong - Jackie Robinson - Columbus - George Washington rolled into one.


As Professor Emeritus Rick Bobby said, "If you're not FIRST, you're last."

There endeth the lesson.

** While we are not "accredited", we do accept Credit Cards. So we have that going for us. Which is nice.