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O'leary Academy Courses

Here are some upcoming courses. Learn more.

Fort Hunt Community Business Association

Join the business owners and merchants who live, work, and focus on serving the neighbors in the Fort Hunt Community (22307, 22308, 22309, 22306).

Fort Hunt Community Business Association Networking Lunch (Friday, December 7th)

Join us for our Quarterly Networking Lunch to connect with other Fort Hunt Community businesses. Learn more about and our other community and business building activities.

All small business owners, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs who call the Fort Hunt Community home are welcome. RSVP at http:/ and add yourself to the "Who's Coming" list.
Where: Primo Family Restaurant
When: Friday, Dec 7th, 11:30a - 1pm

Who's coming (rollover the icon for quick intro; click to open full profile)

Spread the Word - Please Help Make Sure Your Colleagues Know About The Association

Coming Can't Make It

Our Shops and Community

Our Community Centers

- Neighborhoods, Schools, Athletic Leagues, Churches, Parks, Service Orgs

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  4. New Member Announcement in next issue in Fort Hunt Community Magazine (published bi-monthly)
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Fort Hunt Home Services Group (In Process)

The Fort Hunt Home Services Group is a hand-picked collection of dedicated local craft- and tradesmen who have a demonstrated commitment to quality and our community. They are committed to helping neighbors in the Fort Hunt Community have safe and inspiring homes. Whether it's fixing a repair issue or bringing a vision of the dream home to life, these people are the RIGHT CHOICE for your home services needs.

Financial Planning, Investing, B2B and Real Estate

These neighbors are committed to helping us protect and grow our assets to have more freedom to spend on education, retirement, and life-enriching experiences.

Fort Hunt Community Calendar ( Event)

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Fort Hunt Academy
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Fort Hunt TV

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Fort Hunt Street NeighborBQs

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Fort Hunt Community Challenge

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A Few Good Men

A milkman has two empty jugs: a three gallon jug and a five gallon jug. How can he measure exactly one gallon without wasting any milk?
  1. Fill the 3 gallon jug
  2. Pour the milk from the 3 gallon jug into the 5 gallon jug. The 3 gallon jug is now empty and the 5 gallon jug has 3 gallons in it (and can hold 2 more gallons)
  3. Fill the 3 gallon jug again
  4. Pour milk from the 3 gallon jug into the 5 gallon jug until it is full. Since the 5 gallon jug can only hold 2 more gallons, you will pour 2 gallons into the 5 gallon jug, leaving exactly 1 gallon of milk left in the 3 gallon jug

Trivia/Game Participants

These are the families that have competed this week (Names have a "---" until reviewed and any "mischief" can be sorted out!)
Learn about our Teen CEO Club and Next Level Businesses

Kid Businesses

Connect with our neighborhood kids who are available to provide valuable services.
Add Student Info
(NOTE TO PARENTS: I'm interested in getting yourfeedback/suggestions for how to balance helping the kids market/connect with neighbors and the imperative of protecting your privacy and keeping kids safe. Please share your thoughts!)
We're holding off on showing the contact information for the Young Entrepreneurs until we get more feedback from parents about how to best balance kid safety/privacy and their young person's desire to get business. Please share any feedback or thoughts with me (

Health and Wellness in Fort Hunt

These neighbors are committed to ensuring that we are healthy, fit, pain-free, and don't accept "tired" as being the new normal.

Fun and Family in Fort Hunt

These neighbors are committed to helping us experience fun and enrichment while dealing with unforeseen circumstances.

Education, Enrichment, and Parenting in Fort Hunt

These neighbors are committed to helping us inspire, educate, challenge, and entertain our children.

Fort Hunt Publications, Programs & Events

The Fort Hunt Community Business Association produces events and publications to help connect the community. Learn more about each below.

** NOTE: Publication schedule may change depend on interest/sponsors.

This feature is under construction and will be released the first week of July.
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Memory Master
Learners Lab Program

Subscribe Today

NOTE: We are developing the concept of the Fort Hunt Community Magazine - with contributing writers and businesses - to explore how to make this successful and valuable. If you have suggestions (or want to be involved), email Frazier@ at
Fort Hunt Home is volunteer curated and contributed to by young people in our community.

For $20.00, you'll receive 6 issues of Fort Hunt Magazine, delivered to your door AND a $5 credit will go to support Young Entrepreneurs in our community AND you'll receive a copy of the Fort Hunt Home Services Guide AND you'll get subscriber access to the web site AND you'll be able to place a photo on the Founder's wall.

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Special thanks to our neighbors who are supporting the community and our young entrepreneurs by subscribing to Fort Hunt magazine. Subscription is $20.00 and includes 6 issues of the 20 page magazine mailed to your home along with additional cool bonuses. (Subscribe Today) $5.00 from each subscription goes to support young entrepreneurs in our community. As a special recognition, initial subscribers get to add a photo to the Founders Wall. (generate)
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Then they can promote subscription sales by distributing flyers and/or promoting online. You'll get a unique promotional code to help make sure that any sale gets attributed back to you. Join us for an upcoming orientation
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If you're interested in distributing the Fort Hunt Weekly Newsletter or marketing magazine subscriptions on this street, please have your parent email to get the ball rolling.
the instructional video below and have both you and your parents indicate that you agree to the terms of being part of the Fort Hunt Home marketing team. Then download and customize the flyer and create some great results!

Street Stats

  • # of houses delivered
  • # of signups

We are building out the list of neighborhoods/streets in which our Newsletter distributors will be hand-delivering the weekly newsletter.
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Teen CEO - Mind Your Own Business Kid.
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Upcoming Events

Fort Hunt Independent Learners Lab

Come join Mr. O'Leary and some Fort Hunt Independent Learners for our Independent Learners Lab.

check the Upcoming Events button above for the schedule.
Ages - 7+ welcome - (if the students are too young to be left alone at Library, parents are encouraged to attend with or make arrangement for supervision)

For Video Production, we're going to come up with story/segment ideas.

We'll also take some ideas and experiment with creating video shorts. Bring your phone or tablet & LAPTOP (if possible) - we'll go over some video editing ideas and you can edit your videos there! - collaborative effort - let's see what we can produce!

Register Here
Request More Info
Upcoming Events

Give Your Kids The Gift of an
Easy and Effortless "Master Memory" This Summer

Dear Academy Parents,

Learning, memorizing, and recalling academic facts, formulas and concepts doesn't have to be stressful or require endless repetition or feel like a brute force exercise.

There is a better, easier (dare I say "fun"?!) way to store and recall information through using specific memory technologies.

After 20 years of teaching and being involved in education, I'm still mystified as to why these technologies are still almost "secrets" in the public schools.

These Master Memory technologies can be an incredible gift for your children; Watch their confidence grow as they astound their friends, your family, and teachers with their incredible ability to quickly and effortlessly store and recall information.
"I can't believe how easy this is."
- Savannah O'Leary, Age 8
After a 5 minute session where she used the Classical Mind Palace technique to memorize the first 20 U.S. Presidents in order

I'm excited to offer a new "near to my heart" online course beginning late November. 
This will be a 5 week program during which I will introduce, challenge, and review some astounding memory techniques which will enable the students to easily and (sort of) effortlessly store and recall anything that they need for both academic and non-academic success and fluidity. (SPOILER: There is effort involved but it's not "brute force" repetition effort; it's "smart" effort!)
Week 1:

Unlike some (very valuable!) memory courses where the students spend time memorizing a specific body of knowledge, the focus of this course will be to give them the tools to use in whatever situation they find themselves in the future, where they need or want to memorize and recall information. 

They'll then be able to apply these tools to a wide range of topics including:
  • Dates and Chronology
  • Historical identifications
  • Math facts and formulas
  • Quotes
  • Books and authors
  • Historical concepts
  • Scientific facts and concepts
  • Grammar rules
  • English vocabulary
  • Foreign vocabulary
  • Public speaking - poetry, dramatic passages, speeches and quotes
Why learn these Master Memory Techniques?

We adults know how much easier our academic lives would have been had we been able to develop a near photographic memory.

Think about the time you spent studying, drilling, repeating to "lock in" those academic facts and concepts (that you then forgot later because you never REALLY made them meaningful or relevant to you).

Think about how amazing it would have been to have had access to specific Memory Technologies which could UNLOCK your ability to store and recall information more effortlessly.

You know your child/student better than I do, but some of the benefits that I SEE becoming available to your children immediately by having access to these tools are:
  • Built in confidence about learning new topics
  • Massively reduced time (and stress) in learning new information
  • Pride in their impressive mental ability
  • Not being intimidated about studying/learning new topics
  • Increased confidence about taking on rich content careers (academia, leadership, medicine, law, clergy)
  • Increased performance/less stress during preparation for high stakes tests or exams
  • Improved and impressive vocabulary
  • Greater confidence/success in job application/college interview processes
  • Easier to learn/master a foreign language
  • Life-long skill for use in academic, non-academic settings
  • Greater ability to adapt to academic, non-academic changes and challenges quickly
  • Greater facility to store and recall character building passages (Bible, poetry, inspirational/motivational quotes)

NY Times Best Seller - Moonwalking With Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything
So what is this course going to cover? How is it going to deliver on that PRETTY BIG Promise that I'm making?

During the 5 weeks, I'm going to cover the following Memory Mastery Tools and Strategies:
  1. Memory Objects
  2. "Packing the Objects" - Linking and Storytelling
  3. The Classical Mind Palace - The Oldest Memory Trick Ever Invented
  4. Memory Pegs
  5. Number Images and Linking: Storing and Recalling Dates/Statistics
  6. Moonwalking with Einstein: Phonetic Numbers and Number Images
Bonus Lessons:
  • Chunking and Meaning
  • M.I.M.I: Acronyms/Acrostics/Mnemonics
  • "Is Beethoven Hans or Kristoff from Frozen?": Using Familiar Concepts to lock in Unfamiliar knowledge
  • Putting Popular Culture to Use: Using Songs and Poems to learn and remember OTHER Stuff

Class Structure

My plan is to enable the students to apply the new memory "technology" that they learn each week to the topics that they are ALREADY studying and working with, so this can be seen as a COMPLEMENT to existing studies rather than something else to make room for.

Weekly Structure
Monday Video Lesson - Weekly Challenge
Daily Expert Tip - Around That Week's Technology
Online Sandbox - for Practice and Sharing Projects
Weekly Project (Submit by Video or In Writing - Evidence of Success)
Mobile "App" for reminders/practice away from home
I will introduce a new Memory Technique via video lesson on Monday each week.

The students will have the opportunity to review the video lesson as much as desired and on their own schedule.

They will confirm that they have completed the lesson and complete a "review" exercise to confirm that they understand the technique.

They will then choose from a list of memory projects on which to apply the new technique.

(This is where the class as a COMPLEMENT rather than extra work to be "fit in" comes in.) The students can suggest their own list of projects if you or they would rather apply the memory technique to content/concepts that you are already working on.

Each day that week, the student will receive an email with a tip or challenge to help them strengthen their confidence and competence with the specific memory technique.

There is an online "Sandbox" that the students can visit to sharpen their skills and share ideas and projects with other students to further develop their Master Memory abilities.

At the end of each week, the students will be asked to share evidence of their success in using the week's Memory Technique in storing and recalling specific facts (again from a list of suggested projects or from something from their existing studies).

NOTE: These Memory Techniques are not meant to have the student inside staring at a computer during the summer. After the initial video lesson and review (10-20 minutes), the students will be working to practice and develop their skill MENTALLY - meaning whereever they happen to be...whether out on errands, at an activity, or just hanging out outside.

Speaking from my experience as a history student and teacher (and a homeschool parent), I have been astounded at both how impactful these strategies can be and how absent the "learning how to learn" is from traditional education.  I have been delighted with the results when I share these technologies with students and I have heard time after time from both parents and students how grateful they have been to been given these memory "secrets"...which shouldn't be secrets after all!

If you're interested, please click the "Start Your Adventure" button and you can access the Memory Master course and all of the other activities in the Academy.

If you have questions that you'd like answered, please email me at and I'll both answer them and add them to the course FAQs.


Frazier O'leary
The O'Leary Academy for Gifted Youth

Register Here
Request More Info
Upcoming Events

Unlock Your Student's Inner Entrepreneur!

Dear Academy Parents,

A few thoughts about youth entrepreneurship:
-- 3 out of 4 of young people under the age of 18 report high levels of interest in starting their own business.

-- College admissions offices say that entrepreneurial experience in middle school and high school is "highly compelling" when evaluating college applications.

-- "Boring" and "Not Relevant to my life" are the two most common reasons that students disconnect and under achieve at school

I've had the pleasure of working with/supporting/coaching thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs over the past 15 years and working with YOUNG (teen) entrepreneurs for 5 years before that.

I believe VERY STRONGLY in the idea that the BEST TIME to get started with an entrepreneurial idea is when you're young and the stakes (and financial obligations) are low and you haven't YET collected all of the baggage that you'll spend the rest of your life trying to offload.

My philosophy (for young entrepreneurs) is "Think Big. Start Small. Right Now."

I have crafted a few different approaches to help students move from WHERE THEY ARE to the NEXT LEVEL in their entrepreneurial journey.

They are:
1) LEVEL 1 - "Mind Your Own Business, Kid": Turning Your Interests/Passions into Your First Business

2) LEVEL 2 - Taking Your Existing Business to the Next Level: Finding and maximizing the growth potential in your CURRENT business

3) PURE Entrepreneurship: Combining OTHER PEOPLE's Talents, Interests, Experience to Create A Business

4) JointVenturePreneuring - Finding Income Opportunities in Other People's Businesses

Join me for a workshop where I step through the key elements in each of these levels with a concentration on Level #1 and Level #2 for students who have an interest that they'd like to turn into a business AND students who have a business but who would like to take it to the next level!

Parents and students welcome - 4th grade and up please! (I will be talking about businesses ranging from lemonade stands and pet walking to web application design - the fundamental principles run through all of them!)

If you have questions that you'd like answered, please email me at and I'll both answer them and add them to the course FAQs.


Frazier O'leary
The O'Leary Academy for Gifted Youth

Hi, I'm Frazier O'Leary, a former Northern Virginia H.S. teacher, computer consultant, and father to two children in Alexandria, VA. (Check out my "About the Instructor" section at the bottom of this page) During this online class, I will introduce the basics of the HTML, using HTML "tags" to create and design Basic Web Pages:

  • Some familiarity with keyboard is valuable

Pre-register by filling out the form to the right.

  • Intro to HTML - 5 Videos, 3 Lessons, 2 projects (FREE!)
  • HTML 101 for Beginnners (14 Lessons, 14 projects, 1 Class Project, Certificate) - $25.00 (includes all siblings)
This course is brought the Fort Hunt Communty for free because of the generous support of:

Sample Video From Lesson #1:


The class will go live on Monday May 01.  A new lesson will be available each day after that for the next 3 weeks; students can catch up and review missed lessons on their own schedule.

Interested?  Please pre-register by filling out the form at the top right of this screen.

Would this be right for your students?

Take this 45 second assessment to see if this course would be right for you and your students.

Advanced Courses (after completion):

  1. Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to modify web site format and style
  2. Intro to Web Site Programming: JavaScript
  3. HTML5

How the Class Will Work:

  1. Students will log in to the web site and download a "cheat sheet" of HTML tags.
  2. Students will watch a video presentation of each component of the HTML Lesson. (Course can be self-paced, with students moving to next lesson after completing the previous)
  3. Students will use HTML tags and create/modify web pages using an online "sandbox".
  4. Students will receive feedback from Instructor (Frazier) on web pages created and modified.
  5. Students can submit questions and issues and receive feedback from Instructor.
  6. Students' completion of Lesson Steps will be tracked for certification.

Completion Project:

Students will create and upload web pages that incorporate:

  • Style Tags
  • Tables
  • Fonts
  • Links
  • Images
  • Video
Interested? Register below to reserve a slot in the session beginning Monday May 01, 2017 or 06/05/17:
Get Pre-Course and Lesson Guide Today!

Parent Name:

Which Course?:
Register Here
Request More Info
Upcoming Events

Bill Gates, Founder and Chairman, Microsoft
"Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains."

Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple
"Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer...because it teaches you how to think."

Frazier O'leary
I first learned HTML when I was teaching high school in Arlington, VA in 1997.  I quickly got excited about teaching my students to take a blank (computer) page and create whatever they wanted to out of it, and share their knowledge/ideas/businesses with the world.  I created this HTML 101 class for my daughter, Savannah, so she could feel that same sort of power.  My wife and I (well, mostly my wife) homeschool (or "world"school) our 10 year old daughter and our 7 year old son in Alexandria, VA.
During this 30 minute orientation, we will talk about how to get involved with the magazine in one (or more) of the following ways:
Reporter for your neighborhood/street
Graphic Design
Marketing & Sales (Selling Subscriptions and/or Advertising)
Want some info in advance? Connect online
Please email me ( to tell me in advance your areas of interest.
During this one hour workshop, we'll explore the four levels of moving into entrepreneurship to help you identify WHERE you are and the next steps to accelerate your success, whether you have an existing business or you're interested in starting one.
Open/Download Workshop Package
During this one hour workshop, I'll introduce the MIMI principles and go through my five favorite Memory Master Strategies to help make memorization easy and effortless.
Open/Download Workshop Package
This 14 lesson online class provides young people the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of web programming in a self-paced but moderated environment.
This five week online class will introduce students through to specific Master Memory master strategies.
During this 3 hour workshop, we will dig deeper, explore, and practice the different memory master strategies to create an unshakeable foundation. Registration fee includes the online course, the intensive and a Memory Master (master Student Club) handbook.
This 7 lesson/7 day online course introduces young entrepreneurs to specific strategies for turning their interests into income.
During this 3 hour workshop, we'll dig deeper into the steps to turn your interest into an income producing business. Registration fee includes the online course, 3 months of followup coaching, the intensive and the "Mind Your Own Business Kid" handbook.
During this 2 hour hands-on workshop, we'll go through some of "bonus" lessons from the HTML 101 course - specifically CSS style tags and some start up JavaScript.
Add additional comment.
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Connection Preferences (still under construction - will default to public):

show results
Email: Password:
Thanks for your interest in one of the Small Business NOVA Business Acceleration Programs. Give us some additional info and we'll connect you with the exposure/connections/resources to support you.
What are you most interested in?
Add a Comment
Give me the goods!
Contact me directly at or through any of the following long list of potentially made up social media/networking outlets.
Upgrade Your Membership

Join the Fort Hunt Community Business Association

If you're committed to supporting our Fort Hunt community building activities, you're invited to become a supporting member of the Fort Hunt Community Business Association. Please review Supporter features/benefits below and sign up for the appropriate package. If you have any questions, please contact

BIG Member Benefits
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Bonuses to help with

BIG Members
choose 1 BIG Bonus;
BIGGER Members
Choose 2 BIG Bonuses and 1 BIGGER Bonus.
Your "No Regrets" Assurance
Select a bonus without fear. If you use a bonus (a workshop or an exposure opportunity) and you're not delighted with it, you are ENCOURAGED to "trade it in" and select a different one.

And your GENERAL BIG Network member satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed.

If you are ever, for whatever reason, not delighted and amazed with being a BIG Network member, let us know and we'll make it right or provide you with a full refund...your choice.
Secure payment process, Paypal or Credit Card.
One Year Membership and Benefits.
Backed by 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

BIG Networking


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view tips for expanding your reach in your community


suggest an idea to benefit those in the BIG Network


Review BIG Bonuses to grow your business

Next Steps now that you've

Table of Contents
- Upcoming Schedule
- Program Overview
- Diagnostic/Interview
- Supporting Materials
- Networking/Roster
- Lessons Learned/Success Stories
Upcoming schedule
Date Time Location Participants
March 27th 11:00 Hampton Inn 25
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Connection Schedule

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Start Interview
- Start Interview
- Questions
- May
Program Overview
- Sales Page
- Promises
- Benefits
- Features
- Guarantees
Supporting Materials
- Profile
- Handbook
- Tickets for Business Partners
Networking/Roster (if applicable)
- Mike
- Blake
- Ray
Successes/Lessons Learned
- Mike
- Blake
- Ray

Diagnostic Questions

Submit and Next
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Transform Your Business By Using Video
When: March 27th
Where: Hampton Inn
Let's get together to identify practical videos that you can use to improve your business.
Is this for you? Types of Businesses who might benefit
- Realtors
- Lenders
- Tradespeople
- Insurance Agents
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Community Superhero Video

Connect with Small Business Owners in your Communities Add YourSchool

This SmallBusinessNova feature is not completely "Ready for Prime Time" Yet. Should be done by Jan 2nd! Check back to learn how to be a hero in your community!

Network with businesses who are members of your church, neighbors in your community, boosters of your local school, or parents in your kid's school's PTA. Add yourself to your local directory and network today!

Profile Information

Enter the information about your org in the fields below and we'll create a start up Directory for your org. You can then decide HOW to start using it to FRIEND/FUNDraise to support your students.

Org/School Name:
Street Address:
Web Site:
What Northern Virginia High School Pyramid is your most closely linked to? (There's a method to my madness in asking this!):
City, Zip:
Your Name:
Your Company/Org:
Your Email:
What's your relationship with the Church/Civic Association/School?
Create Member Networking Directory

3 Step Process

  1. Reach out to someone in the organization and provide them this link.(CC me at if you'd like to be recognized as the person who activated the directory.
  2. Add Yourself to the directory. (Click here)
  3. Review your neighbors or parents.
  4. Email Frazier ( to let me know that you're the representative of your church, org, civic association.
  5. Share the link with your members..
  6. Decide how much you want to charge (for fundraising). Download guide to help make decisions..
  7. Review member visits and entries.
(test link)
(X) Thank you for your pledge to . Your pledge has been recognized on the BIG directory and a message will be forwarded to the contact for the and he/she will follow up with you to make arrangements. Thanks for your BIG commitment!.

In our Neighborhood, Business is Good.

We do not collect money for the but you can make a pledge here and it will be linked with you/your company on our "Business Is Good" directory and a notification will be sent to the org contact for you to connect with.
The BIG Ideas:
- Share your Expertise
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While we're working out the kinks, please email with any community hubs that you should be linked to.

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Local Business Invests in Young Entrepreneurs

For Immediate Release
______ helped support the new Fort Hunt Kid Biz Venture Capital Fund to support young businesses. During a weekly Business Networking event, local businesses become "angel investors" for a new Venture Capital/Micro Loan fund to support young entrepreneurs in the neighborhood.

"Whatever we can do to help ecnoruage and support young people in pursuing their interests, I want to do", (YOUR NAME HERE) of (YOUR COMPANY HERE) said.

For More Infomation, Contact:
Frazier O'Leary
Fort Hunt Community Business Association
P: 703.298.9481

Programs That Your BIG Partnership Supports & Where You can Choose To Get Exposure


KidBiz Venture Capital Fund Angel Investor List

Total Invested: $100 - Total Distributed in Grants: $35
  • Georg Hirsch, Hirsch Tax Law (BIG Supporter - Dec)
  • Dr. Curtis Margerum, Alexandria Back and Neck Center ($10)
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KidBiz Venture Capital Fund Angel Investor

  • Customizable Press Release
  • Add Your Name/Company Name to KidBiz Venture Capital Angel Investor List
  • Opportunity to sit on Venture Capital Application Review Panel - in person or online
100% of Angel Investor Funds go to investment/ grants/ microloans for young businesses
Photos - Angel Investors - Dollars

BIG ("Business is Good") Network Member

Welcome New Members
  • Enhanced Video, Social Media Networking Profile on web sites (, *, *)
  • Recognition as Supporting Members for BIG Programs (see list)
  • Business Introductions
  • Exposure (Business Card, Photo, Logo) at Weekly Accelerator & Networking Lunches
  • BIG Supporting Member List on Web Site
  • Included on Power Point as BIG Supporting Member
  • Added to Supporter List on Calendar Events
  • Opportunity to sponsor Business or Community Networking Programs or Publications
  • Discounted advertising/sponsorship
  • One month of complimentary Accelerator attendance
  • Opportunity to record Green Screen Networking Introduction Video
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  • Opportunity to Activate/Sponsor Community Network


I need an introduction to the Manager or Sales Manager of a local Harley-Davidson dealership, either Patriot in Fairfax or Bull Run Harley in Manassas.

There are also dealerships in PG County but would prefer Fairfax or Manassas.

I want to conduct a photo shoot for the cover of a client's upcoming book, Riding QuickBooks to The Promised Land, which will feature him astride a Big Hog.

In return for the dealer's participation, I will publish a press release and also produce the book launch event at their dealership with lots of publicity support.

Thanks for everyone's help!

Frank Felker


Who do you know that is a real estate agent that I should be talking to right now about an opportunity with the Greetings Virginia Sales Network?

I just hired 2 more Inside Sales Agents (each with a huge record of success) that will start on Dec 1 and then our team will then have 5 high performance ISAs setting 75% of our agent's appointments.

We are generating more opportunity than we can handle.

BTW: we also have a full service operations department that allows for our agents (on the team) to never have to write an offer, attend a home inspection, walk through, or closing (unless they choose to), and we offer 4 client appreciation events each year for our agents to invite their sphere of influence to and more...
Dan Rochon

Upcoming Event

Tuesday night. Fundraiser for Disaster Relief. (4:30 - 6:30)
Sunrise of Hunter Mill
2863 Hunter Mill Rd, Oakton, VA 22124
Co-sponsored by Jenn Hammer, Legacy Navigator
Flyer available at Relief Flyer.pdf

What to Ask For

Coming: Jan 8th 2018
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Fort Hunt Oasis
1300 Collingwood Rd,
Alexandria, VA 22308
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Fort Hunt Young Entrepreneurs Expo

The Entrepreneurship Center (inside Nativity Lutheran Church)
Tuesday, Dec 12th
5:30 - 7pm
Tuesday, Jan 30th
5:30 - 7pm
MVP Productions
Hot Cocoa
Thompson Lawn Services
Collette's Soaps
The Gamekeeper
Video Production
Boxing Training
DJ Jazzy Jeff
Parking Lot Flea Market, Band, Video Introduction, Pre-Event Speakers and Videos (Meet the Businesses, Meet the Speakers, Meet the Exhibitors)
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Fort Hunt Oasis
1300 Collingwood Rd,
Alexandria, VA 22308
We believe that our community's middle schoolers need a safe, supervised place to go after school to connect with each other and with dynamic, enriching, engaging activities. Fort Hunt Oasis is a third place - between school and home - with engaging activities like video gaming, music, games, competitions, etc. in a positive, supervised, non-denominational environment. Videos:
Pastor Brent Discusses Oasis
Frazier O'Leary Discusses Oasis
Description of the program - where we're located - bring OASIS to your church/school. - What we do here? How parents and students can connect with you?



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Upcoming Events

- El Paso
- Primo's
- Old Glory
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