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Small Businesses Doing BIG Things.

Tools, Strategies, and Connections to help you THINK, GIVE, and GROW BIG.

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NoVA Small Business Networking - People and Events

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Online Networking - People that you should meet and SMACK today. (Wait.."SMACK?"...What?)
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Upcoming BIG Events

Business Acceleration Event

"Book, Video, Handbook, Coaching Series - Create Your Business 'Stuff' Working Session"
Tues, October 24th
8:30 - 12:30
Learn more...

"Business is Good" Friday Networking Lunch

Friday, 10/6
Primo's Family Restaurant, 1636 Belle View Blvd, ALexandria 22307
11:30 - 1pm
Download your pre-event guide.

New Member Orientation & Speed Networking

Meet other new members and learn how to use the network's resources to Think, Give, Grow BIG.
Wed, June 21
11:00 - 11:30
We'll keep you plugged in to networking and business development opportunities in the area. Got an event to share? Email Frazier.
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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to the Family!

Welcome ,
Here is your special SmallBusinessNova Post-Registration package!! Here is your "get the most out of your opt in" action list:
    main message
    main message
    list of interests

    The BIG Philosophy

    We support the businesses in the BIG Network to share their unique gifts more effectively, to have a positive impact in their communities and support their personal philanthropic causes, and to use technology to share their expertise, knowledge, and skills to more widely solve problems, fill educational gaps, and inspire/empower/support people everywhere.

    We believe that...
    1. Business is Good when businesses share their unique gifts.
    2. Business is Good when businesses care about their customers/clients.
    3. Business is Good when businesses think creatively.
    4. Business is Good when businesses partner with each other to solve problems.
    5. Business is Good when businesses give big in their communities.
    6. Business is Good when businesses teach/give/share their expertise.

    BIG Business Strategies and Resources

    We work to help our BIG Businesses take advantage of strategies and resources to THINK BIG, GIVE BIG, and GROW BIG.
    • The "Your Customer is Your Client" Approach.
    • Effective networking
    • Grow a more effective business network to serve more customers/clients.
    • Help support businesses in your community networks.
    • Help serve your clients in different, better ways.
    • Refining your intake and support process to better serve customers.
    • Collecting and sharing client success stories
    • Customizing your products/services for customer types
    • Providing customer with support materials
    • Connecting customers to your trusted advisor network
    • Sharing your expertise with your customers
    • Using video to educate/support your clients.
    Services - List of Businesses (Business, Causes)

    Communities Where you Live - Work - Play - Give - Grow - Lead




    Grow Your Business the BIG Way

    Need help - ideas, services, support - to help you GROW your business the BIG Way. share Your gifts.
    How To Give More Value to Your Clients
    Help your Clients share their lessons learned/success stories
    Share Your Gifts more Widely - Attract new Clients to Serve
    New Ways to Serve Clients - Using Video, E-Books, Coaching Series, Handbooks to serve/support your clients when you're not there.
    Giving Your Team the Tools.
    Connect Your Clients with Your Trusted Partners.
    Grow A Powerful Business Referral Group by Helping Your Partners Grow Their Businesses
    Ways to Do Good By Networking in Your Communities
    Share Your Gifts - Sharing advice, expertise to serve your current clients and attract new
    Get Better Known in Your Community
    Network More Effectively
    Automate Your New Client Onboarding
    Provide More Value to Your Clients
    Authority/Credibility Package
    Trusted Advisors and partners
    Team/Staff Package
    List Communication Package
    Speaking Engagement Package
    PR Package
    Frazier's "Business is Good" Blog
    Are you sharing your gifts?
    Do you care enough the send the very best? Even if the FORMAT isn't the very best? Think in terms of yourself and sharing your gifts.
    5/1/17 - 11:15 am

    BIG Advice

    Connect and Grow

    Connect with Small Businesses committed to Thinking, Giving, and Growing BIG.

    Enter Site
    The Business Is Good Network - "In our neighborhood, Business is Good"
    show connections
    Community Superhero Video

    Be a Community Hero and Connect with Small Business Owners in your Local Communities Add YourSchool

    This SmallBusinessNova feature is not completely "Ready for Prime Time" Yet. Should be done by Jan 2nd! Check back to learn how to be a hero in your community!

    Network with businesses who are members of your church, neighbors in your community, boosters of your local school, or parents in your kid's school's PTA. Add yourself to your local directory and network today!

    Profile Information

    Enter the information about your org in the fields below and we'll create a start up Directory for your org. You can then decide HOW to start using it to FRIEND/FUNDraise to support your students.

    Org/School Name:
    Street Address:
    Web Site:
    What Northern Virginia High School Pyramid is your most closely linked to? (There's a method to my madness in asking this!):
    City, Zip:
    Your Name:
    Your Company/Org:
    Your Email:
    What's your relationship with the Church/Civic Association/School?
    Create Member Networking Directory

    3 Step Process

    1. Reach out to someone in the organization and provide them this link.(CC me at if you'd like to be recognized as the person who activated the directory.
    2. Add Yourself to the directory. (Click here)
    3. Review your neighbors or parents.
    4. Email Frazier ( to let me know that you're the representative of your church, org, civic association.
    5. Share the link with your members..
    6. Decide how much you want to charge (for fundraising). Download guide to help make decisions..
    7. Review member visits and entries.
    (test link)
    (X) Thank you for your pledge to . Your pledge has been recognized on the BIG directory and a message will be forwarded to the contact for the and he/she will follow up with you to make arrangements. Thanks for your BIG commitment!.

    In our Neighborhood, Business is Good.

    We do not collect money for the but you can make a pledge here and it will be linked with you/your company on our "Business Is Good" directory and a notification will be sent to the org contact for you to connect with.
    The BIG Ideas:
    - Share your Expertise
    - Share your influence
    - Share your space/store
    - Share your advertising
    - Share your Knowledge
    - Share your network
    - Share your resources
    - Share your media
    - Share your funds
    - Share your Transaction
    Download our BIG Sharing Guide to review ideas for how Business Is Good in Your Community.

    Thanks for Supporting

    Please provide some information about your relationship with Org/School

    Add Comment2
    display email, allow email through system
    Pre-Orientation Checklist
    Meet and Greet
    The Training
    Frazier Video Chat
    Speed Networking
    Article Ideas
    BIG Bonuses
    BIG Stuff
    How Tos
    Big Network Partners
    Becoming a Partner
    Super Hero Challenge

    Generate List

    Answer question - add to article.
    The biggest misconception...
    One trick that REALTORS know that others don't...
    What my day looks like
    How to tell the differenece
    One piece of advice
    Feel, Felt, found
    1. Review article ideas.
    2. Write your first article.
    3. Review the WHERE TO SHARE list.

    Mr./Mrs BIG Stuff

    Open BIG STUFF Workshop

    Becoming a Partner

    Big Bonuses

    How Tos (coming soon)

    Updating Your Profile
    Adding Social Media
    Submitting an Article
    Becoming a BIG Partner
    Sharing a Partners Article
    Adding Yourself to A Community or Business Network
    Reviewing Your Team 100 List

    The Big Partners

    the BIG Guides

    BIG Guide to Power Networking in NoVA
    The BIG Speakers Directory
    NoVA Small Business SWAT Team Guide
    The NoVA Small Business Guide to Funding Your Business

    BIG Superhero Challenge

    Remember, Business is Good when Business is Good. You're going to be able to supercharge your business by being a leader in your current live/work/play communities.

    The goal is to help the people with businesses in your neighborhood, your church, your school PTA, and any other local spheres of influence to connect with you and each other in a way that will enrich you all AND create some value for your community.
    1. Find out whether there is a BIG network Partner in your community (or become one!)
    2. Activate the directory for the community and add yourself to it.
    3. Send the link to one or two people in your community that you know have businesses.
    4. Post the link to the appropriate social media. (NextDoor, Alignable, Facebook, Meetup)

    BIG Bonuses

    We want to support and thank you for helping us grow the BIG Network and impact our communities. We made a list of what we think that you want/need as businesses thinking big:
    • Exposure
    • Introductions
    • Coaching/Consulting
    • Help Growing Your Business Network - either in size or effectiveness
    • "Stuff" - Videos, Content, etc
    • Gifts to give your customes/prospects
    And then we've put together the resources/tools/opportunities that we thought would be the most helpful.
    You can purchase these outright OR you can earn them by helping grow the network, either by helping businesses connect or sponsoring scholarships.

    Pre-Orientation Checklist

    You don't HAVE to do any of these things PRIOR to our BIG orientation but you'll get more out of the orientation if you do any or all of these things.

    New Member Orientation (online)

    Thanks for coming. Here's the agenda for the New Member Orientation/Member Business Boost (Wed, June 7th)
    Times Activities
    11:00 - 11:05 Meet and Greet, Member Recognition, & Business Support
    11:05 - 11:10 New Member Orientation (for new Members); Five Minute Fix (for existing members)
    11:10 - 11:25 Speed Networking
    11:25 - 11:30 Recognition of Success Stories; Closing
    Register to Attend
    Click to Enter
    Stats & Network Partner Recognition

    Network Stats (under construction)

    New Members: 45
    New Articles: 5
    Articles: 105
    Article Shares: 5
    Article Share Views: 5
    Profile Visits: 805
    Community Hubs: 165
    New Community Hubs: 8

    Partner Recognition (under construction)

    Top Scholarships Shared: Lisa Shaughnessy
    Top Invites: Elaine O'Malley
    Top Endorser: Mario Herrera
    Top Endorsed: Dan Rochon
    Top Event Networker: Geoff Griffith
    Top Article Shares: Jennifer Hammer
    Top Article Views: Darren Marquardt

    Preliminary networking. Click to meet.

    Networking Sponsors
    NEW: Orientation Video
    MEMBERS: Five Minute Fix

    Five Minute Fix

    Growing, Coaching, Supporting Your Business Referral Group & Network Partners
  1. Creating a Trusted Partners Guide
  2. Ideas for Who to Include
  3. What to Say to Your Clients about WHY you provided this guide...and why they (and your partners) will be delighted
  4. Interactive Chat
    Interactive Chat

    Getting to Know You Profile

    • Orientation Video
    • 30 Days, 30 Ways
    • Business Info
    • Photo
    • Social Media
    • Targets
    • SMACK Assets
    • Team 100 - Have, Want
    • BIG Content
    • Community Connections
    • outside the lines
    • What's your problem?
    • What would you like?
    • BIG Causes
    • Networker Type
    • BIG Network (shhhh...quiet)

    Speed Networking

    Enter Speed Networking
    Re-Open Speed Networking
    pause Speed Networking
    Speed Networking will go live at 11:10 on Wed !
    Speed Networking Tutorial [x]

    Who's Coming

    Upgrade Your Membership
    BIG Member Benefits
    Review BIG Bonuses
    show impact

    Bonuses to help with

    BIG Members
    choose 1 BIG Bonus;
    BIGGER Members
    Choose 2 BIG Bonuses and 1 BIGGER Bonus.
    Your "No Regrets" Assurance
    Select a bonus without fear. If you use a bonus (a workshop or an exposure opportunity) and you're not delighted with it, you are ENCOURAGED to "trade it in" and select a different one.

    And your GENERAL BIG Network member satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed.

    If you are ever, for whatever reason, not delighted and amazed with being a BIG Network member, let us know and we'll make it right or provide you with a full refund...your choice.
    Secure payment process, Paypal or Credit Card.
    One Year Membership and Benefits.
    Backed by 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

    BIG Networking


    communicate with others in the BIG Network Directory


    find and register for upcoming BIG Network events


    view tips for expanding your reach in your community


    suggest an idea to benefit those in the BIG Network


    Review BIG Bonuses to grow your business

    Next Steps now that you've

    Table of Contents
    - Upcoming Schedule
    - Program Overview
    - Diagnostic/Interview
    - Supporting Materials
    - Networking/Roster
    - Lessons Learned/Success Stories
    Upcoming schedule
    Date Time Location Participants
    March 27th 11:00 Hampton Inn 25
    Upgrade to Full Workshop
    Connection Schedule

    Select A Slot

    Request Slot
    Office Hours (where)
    Reserved for Phone Coaching (select slot)
    Reserved for In Person Coaching
    Special Event (Cigar, Lunch, Networking Event, Speed Networking, )
    Reg Appoint (Coaching)
    Tentatively Reserved
    Diagnostic - Questions to Ask and Answer
    Start Interview
    - Start Interview
    - Questions
    - May
    Program Overview
    - Sales Page
    - Promises
    - Benefits
    - Features
    - Guarantees
    Supporting Materials
    - Profile
    - Handbook
    - Tickets for Business Partners
    Networking/Roster (if applicable)
    - Mike
    - Blake
    - Ray
    Successes/Lessons Learned
    - Mike
    - Blake
    - Ray

    Diagnostic Questions

    Submit and Next
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    Transform Your Business By Using Video
    When: March 27th
    Where: Hampton Inn
    Let's get together to identify practical videos that you can use to improve your business.
    Is this for you? Types of Businesses who might benefit
    - Realtors
    - Lenders
    - Tradespeople
    - Insurance Agents
    Take this 45 second quiz
    Elements of the Workshop
    Supporting Materials
    Related Articles, Contents, and Video
    Price - Non-Member: / Member:
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    What happens AFTER you register
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    Your Stats (Actual Numbers Under Construction - should update soon)
    Connections: 0
    Invites/Referrals: 0
    Last Visit: 0
    SMACK Rating: 0
    Groups: 0
    Schools/Churches/Communities: 0
    Events: 0
    Articles: 0
    Profile Answers: 0 0
    New Member Orientation
    Update Your Profile
    Meet Someone
    Business Acceleration Resources
    Check Out Networking Events
    My Communities
    Author An Article
    open Profile questions
    My Network
    'Supporting Our Students' Welcome
    Getting Started - general
    Check out $100 Gift
    Checklist for Super Results
    Get Farm Famous in Your School Community
    Become a BIG Network Partner
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    Business is Good - Networking Lounge Under Construction


    Local Business Invests in Young Entrepreneurs

    For Immediate Release
    ______ helped support the new Fort Hunt Kid Biz Venture Capital Fund to support young businesses. During a weekly Business Networking event, local businesses become "angel investors" for a new Venture Capital/Micro Loan fund to support young entrepreneurs in the neighborhood.

    "Whatever we can do to help ecnoruage and support young people in pursuing their interests, I want to do", (YOUR NAME HERE) of (YOUR COMPANY HERE) said.

    For More Infomation, Contact:
    Frazier O'Leary
    Fort Hunt Community Business Association
    P: 703.298.9481

    Programs That Your BIG Partnership Supports & Where You can Choose To Get Exposure


    KidBiz Venture Capital Fund Angel Investor List

    Total Invested: $100 - Total Distributed in Grants: $35
    • Georg Hirsch, Hirsch Tax Law (BIG Supporter - Dec)
    • Dr. Curtis Margerum, Alexandria Back and Neck Center ($10)
    Make a Help Request
    Join BIG
    Enter a Room: Real Estate - Finance - Home Services - Health and Wellness
    Social Media - Speaking - Local - List Connections - Fun/Lifestyle - Parents & Youth
    Member Visits - Visitor Visits - Help Requests - Connections
    BIG Works - Think, Give, Act BIG

    KidBiz Venture Capital Fund Angel Investor

    • Customizable Press Release
    • Add Your Name/Company Name to KidBiz Venture Capital Angel Investor List
    • Opportunity to sit on Venture Capital Application Review Panel - in person or online
    100% of Angel Investor Funds go to investment/ grants/ microloans for young businesses
    Photos - Angel Investors - Dollars

    BIG ("Business is Good") Network Member

    Welcome New Members
    • Enhanced Video, Social Media Networking Profile on web sites (, *, *)
    • Recognition as Supporting Members for BIG Programs (see list)
    • Business Introductions
    • Exposure (Business Card, Photo, Logo) at Weekly Accelerator & Networking Lunches
    • BIG Supporting Member List on Web Site
    • Included on Power Point as BIG Supporting Member
    • Added to Supporter List on Calendar Events
    • Opportunity to sponsor Business or Community Networking Programs or Publications
    • Discounted advertising/sponsorship
    • One month of complimentary Accelerator attendance
    • Opportunity to record Green Screen Networking Introduction Video
    • Welcome/Acknowledgement in Newsletter/Publications
    • Opportunity to Activate/Sponsor Community Network


    I need an introduction to the Manager or Sales Manager of a local Harley-Davidson dealership, either Patriot in Fairfax or Bull Run Harley in Manassas.

    There are also dealerships in PG County but would prefer Fairfax or Manassas.

    I want to conduct a photo shoot for the cover of a client's upcoming book, Riding QuickBooks to The Promised Land, which will feature him astride a Big Hog.

    In return for the dealer's participation, I will publish a press release and also produce the book launch event at their dealership with lots of publicity support.

    Thanks for everyone's help!

    Frank Felker


    Who do you know that is a real estate agent that I should be talking to right now about an opportunity with the Greetings Virginia Sales Network?

    I just hired 2 more Inside Sales Agents (each with a huge record of success) that will start on Dec 1 and then our team will then have 5 high performance ISAs setting 75% of our agent's appointments.

    We are generating more opportunity than we can handle.

    BTW: we also have a full service operations department that allows for our agents (on the team) to never have to write an offer, attend a home inspection, walk through, or closing (unless they choose to), and we offer 4 client appreciation events each year for our agents to invite their sphere of influence to and more...
    Dan Rochon

    Upcoming Event

    Tuesday night. Fundraiser for Disaster Relief. (4:30 - 6:30)
    Sunrise of Hunter Mill
    2863 Hunter Mill Rd, Oakton, VA 22124
    Co-sponsored by Jenn Hammer, Legacy Navigator
    Flyer available at Relief Flyer.pdf

    What to Ask For

    Add additional comment.
    Want to Add a Video to your answer?
    save results:

    Connection Preferences (still under construction - will default to public):

    show results
    Email: Password:
    Thanks for your interest in one of the Small Business NOVA Business Acceleration Programs. Give us some additional info and we'll connect you with the exposure/connections/resources to support you.
    What are you most interested in?
    Add a Comment
    Give me the goods!
    Contact me directly at or through any of the following long list of potentially made up social media/networking outlets.

    'Business is Good' Advice ( Advice)

    Find BIG Articles, Tips, and Advice to help your customers/clients solve problems and create better results. Select content submitted by BIG network members to share with your social media, add to your newsletter.
    SWAT Team
    Wellness Entrepreneur
    There is more than one way to refer business to your business partners.

    One GREAT way is to share your partners content with your list.

    We are all looking for ways to stay in front of our list - our customers, our social media - and if you can share HIGH QUALITY content from your trusted business partners, all the better. And they feel the same way.

    So, here's the deal:

    Make sure that you're publishing high quality, high-interest content (articles, videos) in your area of expertise and letting your business partners know that there is content available to share.

    And encourage your partners to do the same.

    And if you are looking for new business partners to fill some of your Trusted Partners slots, check out the content that's been provided.

    If you find someone whose stuff you like, reach out to them and consider inviting them to become part of your Business Partner/Referral Group.
    This is the easiest place to start. Add an article or a video that shares some of your expertise. If you'd like ideas for content ideas, click here (coming soon). And then make sure that your business partners know that you WANT them to share your content in any of the following locations:
    • On their web site
    • On their blog
    • As part of their "New Customer" welcome package
    • Regular email touches with their list
    • On their Facebook wall
    • In their customer newsletter
    Invite your business partners to register on the site and add content. Make sure that you've added them to your Trusted Partners list (by clicking the sign next to their profile) - that will add them to your Trusted Partners directory.
    If you find an article on the site that you like and would like to share with your list (check out ideas for sharing), you can create a customized link which will take them to a personalized page that lets your visitor read the article but that will keep them in your business's forum.

    See Example
    Explore the categories and find interesting articles. See who wrote the article and check out their profile. If you like the person, find out events that they attend. If you like them and meet them, you can add them to your Trusted Partners list by clicking the next to their names.
    [YOUR NAME]'s BIG Advice
    Advice & Resources FOR my customers from the people I trust to serve my customers.
    "In our neighborhood, Business is Good." TM
    My Site
    Email Me
    P: 703.298.9481
    (Login to see this in action!)

    Can you make your investments less 'Taxing'?

    Joe Mjelde |
    Strategies for making your investment less taxing
    Tax Freedom Day, which typically occurs in late April, according to the Tax Foundation, is the day when the nation as a whole has earned enough money to pay off its total tax bill for the year. So you may want to use this opportunity to determine if you can liberate yourself from some investment-related taxes in the future. 

    Actually, Tax Freedom Day is some- thing of a fiction, in practical terms, because most people pay their taxes throughout the year via payroll deductions. Also, you may not mind paying your share of taxes, because your tax dollars are used in many ways – such as law enforcement, food safety, road maintenance, public education, and so on – that, taken together, have a big impact on the quality of life in this country. 

    Still, you may want to look for ways to reduce those taxes associated with your investments, leaving you more money available to meet your important goals, such as a comfortable retirement. So, what moves can you make to become more of a “tax-smart” investor? 
    Consider the following: 
    • Know when to hold ’em.
      If you sell an investment that you’ve held for less than one year, any profit you earn is considered a short-term capital gain, and it will be taxed at the same rate as your ordinary income. (For 2016, ordinary income tax rates range from 10% to 39.6%.) But if you hold the investment for longer than one year, your profit will be taxed at the long-term capital gains rate, which, for most taxpayers, will be just 15%. If at all possible, then, hold your investments at least long enough to qualify for the lower capital gains rate. 
    •  Look for the dividends.
      Similar to long-term capital gains, most stock dividends are taxed at 15% for most taxpayers. Thus, dividend-paying stocks can provide you with an additional source of income at a tax rate that’s likely going to be lower than the rate on your ordinary earned income. As an added benefit, many dividend-paying stocks also offer growth potential. With some research, you can find stocks that have paid, and even increased, their dividends over a period of many years. (Be aware, though, that companies are not obligated to pay dividends and can reduce or discontinue them at their discretion.) 
    • Use those tax-advantaged accounts.
      Virtually all retirement accounts available to you, whether you’ve set them up yourself or they’re made available by your employer, offer some type of tax advantage. With a traditional IRA, or a 401(k) or similar employer-sponsored retirement plan, your contributions are typically tax-deductible and your earnings can grow tax deferred. Contributions to a Roth IRA, or a Roth 401(k), are never deductible, but earnings can grow tax free, provided you meet certain conditions. 
    The bottom line? 

    Contribute as much as you can afford to the tax-advantaged plans to which you have access. 

    Tax Freedom Day is here and then it’s gone. But by making some tax-smart investment decisions, you might reap some benefits for years to come.

     This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor. Edward Jones, its employees and financial advisors cannot provide tax or legal advice. 

    You should consult your attorney or quali- fied tax advisor regarding your situation.
    Joe Mjelde
    New Messages: For You: For All
    Country: State:
    where Am I:
    neighbor login